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March 15 2012


On Our Radar: The Dead Zone in the Gulf

Environmental groups say they want tougher wastewater rules to combat practices that have turned the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico into a "sewer."

February 08 2012


On Our Radar: A Subglacial Lake

Scientists say they have drilled down through ice and reached Lake Vostok, the largest of more than 280 lakes under the thick ice that covers most of the Antarctic continent. It has been sealed from light and air for millions of years. If evidence of life is found there, it could boost hopes of finding life in similar conditions in icy water on one of the moons of Jupiter.
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January 09 2012


Meet Madagascar's New Lemur

Researchers hope the discovery of a new species of mouse lemur will bring more attention to the struggle to conserve the island's forests.

January 04 2012


December 27 2011


December 23 2011


November 03 2011


Birds Fly in the Face of Climate Change Expectations

While some species appear to be shrinking because of climate change, new research shows that West Coast birds are getting larger.

October 16 2011


Climate Change Is Shrinking Species, Research Suggests

Scientific data linking climate change to the diminution of animals' size raises the possibility that ecosystems could be thrown out of balance.

August 24 2011


Where Has All the Genetic Diversity Gone?

A study from a biodiversity and climate research group in Germany examines the almost invisible erosion of genetic diversity because of climate-induced range contractions.

June 21 2011


Oceans at Dire Risk, Team of Scientists Warns

The cumulative impact of global warming, acidification, overfishing and other threats is "greater than the sum of its parts," the scientists say, and the speed of the decline is far greater than had been thought.

March 02 2011


Eastern Cougar Is Extinct, Agency Declares

"We recognize that many people have seen cougars in the wild within the historical range of the eastern cougar," an official says. "However, we believe those cougars are not the eastern cougar subspecies."

December 16 2010


Bring On the Birds: A Holiday Count Begins

The National Audubon Society's annual count gives researchers a better sense of how bird populations are coping with the effects of climate change, habitat loss and other threats.

November 15 2010


Ancient Rain Forests Found Upside in Heat Stress

Faced with rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels 56 million years ago, rain forests actually thrived, with a rapid increase in plant diversity, scientists found.

October 21 2010


Barack Obama to review polar bears

A federal judge has ordered the Obama administration to review whether polar bears are endangered under US law.

October 20 2010


Putting a Value on Biodiversity

A new report finds that forests, reefs and oceans account for 47 to 89 percent of the effective income of rural and poor households in many large developing countries.

October 13 2010


The Human as Bigfoot

From greenhouse gas emissions to overgrazing to overfishing, humanity risks bankrupting the global environment, a biennial report states.

May 28 2010


May 27 2010


Move Over, Polar Bear

A new study in this week's Nature reports that smaller mammals like gophers also face great risk as the planet warms.

May 17 2010


A Eureka for Hardy Biologists

Biologists discovered at least nine new species on an expedition to the island of New Guinea in Indonesia.

April 27 2010


For Summer Sentinels, a Firefly Count

This summer, would-be scientists and firefly enthusiasts can put their fascination with the glow bug to use by counting fireflies to help scientists with their research.
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