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August 22 2012


New York's City Council Adds Climate Change Panels

Planning for and adapting to climate change gained more formal status in the New York City Council when two new panels were added to the city's government structure.

March 14 2012


Weighing the Risk of Sea-Level Rise

The government has generally not been aggressive about educating Americans on the liabilities. One proposal by coastal scientists calls for pricing flood insurance at levels that reflect the true risk of coastal storms.
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February 08 2012


From 2 Satellites, the Big Picture on Ice Melt

Researchers calculate that from 2003 to 2010, the world's glaciers and ice caps lost about 150 billion tons of ice each year.

January 23 2012


Complications of Hacking the Planet

Countering some longstanding fears about geoengineering, a new study finds that managing incoming sunlight would probably benefit crop yields over all. By contrast, a different study found potentially severe problems with using geoengineering to limit the effects of sea-level rise.

November 02 2011


May 09 2011


A Change in Fortune for the West Coast?

A new study predicts that sea levels will start rising along the eastern Pacific Ocean, catching up with and perhaps surpassing a rise that has been far more pronounced elsewhere.

March 11 2011


Polar Ice Loss Is Accelerating, Scientists Say

The increasing ice loss means that for the first time, Greenland and Antarctica appear to be adding more to sea-level rise than the world's other reserves of ice -- primarily mountain glaciers, which are also melting because of rising temperatures.

November 26 2010


Medical Panel Urges a Low-Carbon Diet

A network of leading medical academies urges nations to adopt policies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, saying it will pay substantial health dividends, particularly in poorer regions.

November 22 2010

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