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February 28 2013


An Emblem for Puerto Rico’s Climate Fight

Scientists fear that native tree frog species in Puerto Rico will go extinct unless action is taken to slow rising temperatures.

April 19 2012


On Our Radar: Rising Seas

After heavy pressure from some Republicans, President Obama has apparently decided to renominate a member of the often-divided commission.
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April 04 2012


February 06 2012


October 18 2011


As Danger Laps at Its Shores, Tuvalu Pleads for Action

From erosion to withering crops to destroyed dwellings, climate change is affecting the people of Tuvalu in myriad ways.

July 21 2011


As a River Warms, Hope Beckons

By removing dikes or highways that function as dikes, planners can make way for rising seas that are expected to push an ecosystem farther inland in Washington State.

June 21 2011


Oceans at Dire Risk, Team of Scientists Warns

The cumulative impact of global warming, acidification, overfishing and other threats is "greater than the sum of its parts," the scientists say, and the speed of the decline is far greater than had been thought.

April 07 2011


A Fresh Take on Sea-Level Rise

A new study confirms that the ocean has been rising in fits and starts since the 19th century -- and that the rate appears to have accelerated in the early 1990s to almost twice the rate of increase that prevailed through most of the 20th century.

April 06 2011


The Rich Are Different: They Can Buy More Sand

A new study suggests that increased coastal erosion will create two classes of beach towns: those that can afford to replenish their sand and those that cannot.

March 10 2011


February 15 2011


Climate Change Drives Instability, U.N. Official Warns

Drought, falling crop yields and competition for water are fostering conflict throughout Africa and elsewhere in the developing world,the top climate official warns. Unless nations take aggressive action to reduce the emissions causing global warming, she warns, such conflicts will spread, toppling governments and driving up military spending.

December 08 2010


November 26 2010


Explaining Norfolk's Creeping Tides

Both land sinkage and the rising sea levels that scientists link to global warming seem to have played a role in tidal encroachment.

November 15 2010


Roman Decadence and Rising Seas

In studying Roman fish tanks carved into the Mediterranean shore, scientists concluded that global ocean volume had not changed much from the Roman era to the 19th century. But now sea levels are rising.

November 14 2010


November 02 2010


October 12 2010


C.D.C. Girds for Climate Change

Some $5.25 million will be split among eight states and two cities seeking to evaluate and mitigate health impacts from everything from hotter summers to an increase in waterborne illness.

October 07 2010


Maldives Leader Gets a Solar Roof

"We don't have the luxury of time to sit and wait for the rest of the world to act," the leader says.

September 27 2010


September 20 2010


A Rebranding for 'Global Warming'?

After a White House adviser suggests that "global climate disruption" is a more accurate term, conservative news outlets suggest that politics is at work.
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