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August 08 2012


On Our Radar: N.R.C. Puts Off Licensing Decisions

The commission suspends decisions on license renewals for nuclear plants until the commission reassesses the nagging issue of storing spent nuclear fuel.

July 31 2012


A Development Dispute in the Grand Canyon

The president of the Navajo Nation favors building a tram from the canyon rim to its depths, a restaurant, a performance center, lodging and a vast parking lot. Some are aghast.
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July 24 2012


Interior Names Solar 'Hot Spots' Out West

The Interior Department will fast-track applications for large-scale solar energy installations at those sites in the hope of speeding installation of non-polluting electricity generation.

May 04 2012


Interior Issues Softened Fracking Rule

Companies will have to reveal the composition of fluids only after they start drilling on public lands, not before.

April 30 2012


Will Oil Extraction Harm Western Parks?

The government is considering whether to open roughly 2.3 million acres of land in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming to two controversial types of energy development.

April 06 2012


Following the Money, and the Mafias, Behind Illegal Logging

A report from the World Bank recommends aggressive prosecutions of the masterminds behind illegal logging networks and the corrupt officials who make their activities possible.

April 05 2012


On Our Radar: Missteps in Colorado Fire

A reconstruction of a fire that began with a controlled burn suggests that firefighters failed to ask for a spot weather forecast, that radio communications were inadequate, and that dispatchers were kept in the dark on the gravity of the blaze.

April 04 2012


January 13 2012


December 29 2011


Closing In on Africa's Bush Meat Trade

Conservationists took inventories of bush meat markets in the hope of one day providing foods that could serve as alternatives to the meat of threatened species.

December 12 2011


Rethinking the 'Timeless' Colorado Plateau

The looming forces of what is expected to be a drier and even more arid future have combined to create a place in motion, with more dust up and swirling.

October 26 2011


Interior Backs Mining Limits in Grand Canyon

The federal government proposes to allow a small number of existing uranium and other hard rock mining operations in the region to continue while barring all new mining claims.

September 13 2011


A Wilderness Ranger, Age 21

A college student spends his summer scrambling over hundreds of miles of rock and dirt in the mountain ranges of eastern Nevada, courtesy of a group known as the Student Conservation Association.

July 25 2011


Volleys Fly in House Debate on E.P.A. and Interior

The fiercest debate over an appropriations bill seemed to center on 39 riders that would hobble the regulation of big polluters and prevent the Department of Interior from listing new endangered species.

July 07 2011


Wolves Lose Federal Protection in Wyoming

The interior secretary cuts a deal with the state's governor requiring Wyoming to maintain just 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs outside Yellowstone Park.

July 03 2011


Preserving Land for Northward Migration

A new report warns that as climate change unfolds, there will be a great need to free up new lands for species seeking habitat conditions that they are now used to in wildlands surrounding Glacier National Park in Montana and Canada.

June 01 2011


February 16 2011


February 15 2011


Federal Royalties for Gold and Copper?

The Obama budget seeks royalty payments from new efforts to mine gold, silver, copper and other metals on public lands. Unlike oil, coal and natural gas companies, hard-rock miners have not been subject to such payments.

February 07 2011


What Would Robin Hood Say?

The plan, which has not been finalized, aims to transfer control of historic woodlands like the Forest of Dean to private charities and foundations. Other woodlands would be leased.
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