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July 19 2012


Trying to Tally Fukushima

Reflecting myriad uncertainties, a new study suggests that anywhere from 15 to 1,300 people could die as a result of radiation exposure related to the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

November 11 2011


An American Look at Fukushima, Minute by Minute

Experts cite some mistakes that the American nuclear industry can learn from, but also some innovations that were developed on the fly.
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July 29 2011


U.S. Regulator Says Fukushima Lessons Can Percolate

A nuclear regulatory commissioner becomes the third of five to officially urge that the American agency proceed slowly in revising its rules and procedures in response to Japan's nuclear disaster.

July 19 2011


Staff Tells N.R.C. That U.S. Rules Need Overhaul After Fukushima

A task force says that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to apply a holistic approach to a hodgepodge of requirements that were set when individual reactors were designed, many years apart.

July 18 2011


N.R.C. Chief Plans Quick Response to Post-Fukushima Study

It may take years to act on recommendations for shoring up safety at American nuclear plants, but the N.R.C. hopes to give strong guidance on necessary steps within three months.

June 23 2011


Is Fukushima a Roadblock, or Just a Speed Bump?

Three energy experts suggest that the nuclear accident in Japan will have a more modest impact on reactor construction than some expect.

June 15 2011


U.S. Reactors Unprepared for Total Power Loss, Report Suggests

Studies by safety experts have analyzed the risk of losing electricity from the grid or from on-site emergency generators, but not both, officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission say.

June 10 2011


U.S. Reactors Gird for the Next Fukushima

Three nuclear organizations seek to confirm that American plants have an adequate safety margin for bigger-than-expected earthquakes or floods.

May 24 2011


Move Fuel From Reactor Pools, Study Urges

The United States must shift most spent nuclear fuel from reactor pools filled with cooling water to dry steel containers, a scholar argues.

April 12 2011


Keeping Score on Nuclear Accidents

To date 12 nuclear accidents, including those at three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, have been categorized as level 7.

April 06 2011


Chemistry 201: Why Is Fukushima So Gassy?

An explosion at the nuclear plant would be powered by a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. Where are those gases coming from? From the doused seawater, gamma radiation from the nuclear fuel, and zirconium metal cladding.

March 30 2011


Japan's Nuclear Crisis Revives Debate Over Iodide Tablets

Representative Edward J. Markey called for enforcement of a law requiring the federal government to provide potassium iodide to state and local governments for people within 20 miles of nuclear reactors if the governors request it.

March 29 2011


Live-Blogging a Senate Briefing on Nuclear Safety

As anxiety grows over Japan's troubled effort to stem the release of radiation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the Senate hears testimony from experts on the situation and on steps to improve safety at nuclear plants in the United States.

March 22 2011


Chernobyl's Lessons Aid Russia's Nuclear Marketing

The state-owned company Rosatom markets its reactors as safe - not despite the Chernobyl disaster, but because of it.

Its time to stop…

With what has happened at Chernobyl disaster (1986), Fukushima I nuclear accidents (2011), and the Three Mile Island accident , I think we owe it to humanity to stop this madness.  We can all agree why it continues.  The almighty dollar.  What appalls me is the fact that the accidents continue yet our own government [...]

January 31 2011


Disputed Reactor Design Moves Forward

An advisory panel recommends that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission license Westinghouse's AP1000 design, whose containment system has drawn some criticism from engineers. Construction of two reactors is planned near Augusta, Ga.
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