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February 15 2012


April 27 2011


A Second Life for the Electric Car Battery

Researchers are exploring the possibility of repurposing batteries to serve the electric grid, as well as battery ownership models that would reduce the financial burden on a car's owner.
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February 10 2011


January 07 2011


Hold that Megawatt!

A company has opened a plant in Johnson City, N.Y., that sells frequency regulation -- that is, the ability to fine-tune the system that keeps the supply and demand for electricity in balance.

September 06 2010


When It Comes to Car Batteries, Moore's Law Does Not Compute

A team at I.B.M.'s Almaden Research Center in California is trying to develop a new battery technology called lithium air that could allow a car to go 500 miles on a single charge. But a top researcher says that it will take many years, if it ever happens at all, to make the technology useful.

July 26 2010


For Hybrid Cars, a Hybrid Invention

The patent for marrying lithion-ion batteries and capacitors is in the bag. But will automakers bite?

December 12 2009


Plastic bags recycled into nanotubes

From the New Scientist website:Waste plastic from "throwaway" carrier bags can be readily converted into carbon nanotubes. The chemist who developed the technique has even used the nanotubes to make lithium-ion batteries.This is called "upcycling" – converting a waste product into something more valuable. Finding ways to upcycle waste could encourage more recycling: for instance, bacteria can
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