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August 10 2012


Mourning the Elephants

To mark World Elephant Day, an environmental group fills in some gaps in information about the slaughter of some 300 elephants in Cameroon early this year.

August 09 2012


Wisconsin Sued Over Dogs in Wolf Hunts

Plaintiffs say that wolves will get the upper hand and maul hunting dogs unless the rules are tightened.
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April 19 2012


On Our Radar: Rising Seas

After heavy pressure from some Republicans, President Obama has apparently decided to renominate a member of the often-divided commission.

April 03 2012


On Our Radar: A Soupçon of van Gogh?

Using advanced digital animation, scientists simulate ocean and sea-ice flows to better understand systems that move heat and carbon. The goal is to understand the ocean's role in future climate change.

March 29 2012


On Our Radar: Organized Environmental Crime

Interpol is carrying out the largest anti-elephant ivory poaching operation ever, with agents in 14 African countries raiding outlets and pursuing traders. Most of the demand for ivory comes from Asian countries like China.

March 15 2012


Zeroing In on Lead in Hunters' Bullets

Noting that such ammunition poses a threat to bird populations like the California condor, groups seek an E.P.A. ban or strict limits on lead content.

March 14 2012


Wisconsin Assembly Approves Wolf Hunting

The hunting of the formerly endangered animal is opposed by native tribes and by some Democratic lawmakers who cast it as "irresponsible" and "anti-science."

March 06 2012


In California, Open Season on Trophy Hunting

The president of the California Fish and Game Commission legally shot a mountain lion in Idaho in January. A picture of him, grinning, with its body was published a couple of weeks later. The subsequent outcry may say more about a cultural shift in the state than the incident itself.

November 09 2011


On Our Radar: 'Viciously More Expensive' Energy

Energy prices will become "viciously more expensive" and more polluting if governments do not promote renewable energy and nuclear power in the next two decades, the International Energy Agency warns.

July 07 2011


Wolves Lose Federal Protection in Wyoming

The interior secretary cuts a deal with the state's governor requiring Wyoming to maintain just 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs outside Yellowstone Park.

March 01 2011


Protecting the Lion From U.S. Predators

Noting that the United States is the leading importer of lions and lion parts, a coalition of groups seeks a federal listing on the endangered species list.

December 20 2010


On Our Radar: Environment Trumps Politics, Dalai Lama Says

Tibetans can wait five to 10 years for a political solution, but climate change is a problem that cannot be put off, the leader is quoted as saying.

December 07 2010


On Our Radar: Negotiations on Wolf Protections Fail

The Interior Department offered to allow limited hunting, but state officials in Idaho and Montana said the restrictions were too severe.

For Wildlife Rangers, a Human Menace

More people are using wild lands for pursuits like illegal trophy hunting, manufacturing drugs or stashing weapons.

September 27 2010


Enshrining the Right to Fish and Hunt

Clashing definitions of wildlife conservation can divide environmental groups as well as hunters.

August 03 2010

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