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March 13 2012


An Inconvenient Statement, Retracted

Steven Chu, the energy secretary, backs off from a suggestion he made as an academic that gasoline prices should be higher to discourage consumption.

March 07 2012


What Makes Gasoline Prices Go Up?

Cognitive dissonance persists on the presidential campaign trail and in Congress, but some energy statistics are telling.
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June 16 2011


Who Will Step Up to Meet Oil Demand?

A report predicts that Canada, Brazil, Colombia and the United States will come to the rescue as oil demand starts to outstrip production over the next five years.

May 26 2011


In Memorial Day Forays, an Economic Snapshot

It's unlikely that holiday motorists will reach the 2007 gasoline consumption heights again this weekend because the economy has still not fully recovered.

May 06 2011


Skidding Oil Prices: A Blip or a Trend?

Many energy experts and economists say that oil prices are bound to rebound again because the fundamentals of the global market have not changed very much.

May 05 2011


Dissecting This Week's Oil Price Tumble

Nationwide, most drivers have not changed their habits much, which suggests that prices will advance again before long.

April 28 2011


Social Largess Speeds Rise in Oil Prices

Autocratic regimes in the Middle East and North Africa relieve social pressures by offering their people all kinds of goodies, including subsidies at the pump. This tends to undercut productivity, raise local oil and gas consumption and leave less oil for export.

April 26 2011


Obama Again Demands an End to Oil Tax Breaks

"High oil and gasoline prices are weighing on the minds and pocketbooks of every American family," the president writes, saying the nation must reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

March 10 2011


On Our Radar: E.P.A. Calls Foul Over Republican Gas Price Claims

Previous congressional efforts to regulate and put a price on greenhouse gas emissions would have increased the price of a gallon of gasoline by 19 cents in 2015 and 95 cents in 2050, Republicans assert in a news release. Not true, the federal government and prominent Democrats say.

March 09 2011


Filling Stations Fret Over Price Creep

People are spending less -- for example, filling the tank only halfway, a Shell station owner in Houston laments.

February 25 2011


A Tipping Point for Oil Prices

Most economists think that while high by historical standards and an impediment to growth, oil prices are not high enough to completely derail the economic recovery. But if prices go much higher, all bets are off.

December 10 2010


Fretting at the Gas Pump

Over the last week, gasoline prices rose from $2.90 to $2.98 a gallon; that's 35 cents higher than a year ago. And analysts expect them to rise further in the spring.

December 07 2010


On Our Radar: Negotiations on Wolf Protections Fail

The Interior Department offered to allow limited hunting, but state officials in Idaho and Montana said the restrictions were too severe.

November 22 2010


November 08 2010


October 29 2010


Is the Move to Hybrids Hyped?

A new analysis suggests that electric and hybrid vehicles will make up little more than 7 percent of global passenger-vehicle sales by 2020.

September 16 2010


Pipelines and Anxiety: What Next?

There may be a lasting political impact from recent accidents, especially because memories of the BP spill in the gulf are still fresh.
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