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February 28 2013


August 20 2012


A Whale, a Tag, a Mission

Chugging behind a whale in an inflatable vessel, researchers may have only a precious second or two to affix an electronic tag to its glistening back. The tag precisely tracks the animal's movements.
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August 15 2012


Introducing the Ocean Health Index

Comparing different parts of the world's oceans, the index weighs whether the human activity there is sustainable or in need of better management.

August 09 2012


In Shark Fin Soup, A Dash of Biodiversity

Taking 51 samples from soup sold in American cities, researchers identify eight different shark species. None of the soups were illegally served.

August 06 2012


On Our Radar: Oklahoma's Wildfires

Some people who were evacuated are allowed to return home, but the blazes continue in pockets in the northeastern part of the state.

August 03 2012


On Our Radar: Hunger in North Korea

Floods have swept away crops and damaged wells and pumping stations, leaving many without food or clean drinking water, a United Nations agency said.

May 07 2012


On Our Radar: Myanmar's Ecosystems

Investors descend on Myanmar, which up to now has been spared the worst ravages of economically booming societies in Asia.

May 04 2012


May 02 2012


Reef Sharks and Humans Don't Mix

The absence of humans is by far the largest factor predicting shark abundance, a new study suggests.

April 26 2012


On Our Radar: Invasive Tiger Shrimp

The government reports a tenfold rise in the number of Asian tiger shrimp off the Eastern seaboard and in the Gulf of Mexico.

April 16 2012


To Fight a Dam, Rather Than 'Live on Your Knees'

The Goldman Prize goes to Ikal Angelei, a Kenyan activist, for persuading investors to withdraw support for a dam project that would devastate communities dependent on Lake Turkana.

April 09 2012


The Bluefin Tuna: What's to Be Done?

Conservation measures that have been put into place are widely flouted, with a huge black market in the fish making a mockery of international protection efforts.

April 04 2012


March 28 2012


Interior Issues Draft Study on Atlantic Drilling

A draft study analyzes environmental risks related to geology, archaeological resources and marine habitats that would need to be minimized during exploration and development.

March 23 2012


A Shorebird, a Crab and a Call to Action

The red knot always fills up on horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware Bay before completing its annual migration from Argentina to the Arctic. But in recent years, there haven't been enough eggs to go around.

Ancient Hawaiians Caught More By Fishing Less

Their secret? Strict enforcement of fishing bans, restrictions on certain species and gear, and catch limits, so that populations could be replenished.

On Our Radar: Polluted Rivers

Industrial facilities continue to dump millions of pounds of toxic chemicals into American rivers, lakes and streams every year, federal figures show.

March 06 2012


Shark Fins Are Loaded With a Neurotoxin, Study Finds

A growing body of research suggests there may be a connection between exposure to the toxin and the development of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Lou Gehrig's disease.

February 17 2012


A Shellfish Ban Off Long Island

No clam fishing will be allowed in part of the bay because of state concerns about water quality.

In Marine Wildlife Preserves, a Balancing Act

Bangladesh is creating two dolphin preserves, in a country where officials say wildlife conservation will have to be balanced with the demands of a growing human population.
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