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August 28 2012


How Climate Change May Affect Nuclear Power Plants

Many nuclear power plants could be impacted by warming water temperatures making cooling of reactor difficult

Guest post by Mathias Maehlum

Many nuclear power plants rely heavily on access to nearby sources of cold water to keep the system cool. Many of these power plants were built several decades ago and some of them are not well prepared for the warmer weather we are now experiencing.

At a twin-unit nuclear power plant in Illinois, temperatures exceeded what is allowed with current regulations by four degrees Fahrenheit.

Craig Nesbit a spokesman for Exelon, which owns the plant, stated the following about the recent incident:

“I’m not a climatologist. But clearly the calculations when the plant was first operated in 1986 are not what is sufficient today, not all the time.”

The cooling pond consists of a 2,500-acre (10 square kilometer) lake. For a cooling system like this to function properly, the heat dumped into the pond eventually has to move somewhere else.

The warmer the weather the more saturated the air becomes, which means less energy is transferred away from the cooling pond. In a typical situation, cooling ponds loose their heat during the night, but because the temperatures these days have stayed above 90 degrees, the plant`s cooling system has been compromised.

The permitted level that originally was 98 degrees has now been increased to 100 degrees in order keep the power plant up and running.

The safety argument “is likely solid and justified,’’ stated David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists, but “it is tough to argue (rationally) that warming water conditions are unforeseen.’’ That is a predictable consequence of global warming, he said.

Drought and water shortages, also caused by the change in weather, could potentially become a problem for nuclear power plants in the near future as well. A nuclear power plant`s cooling could become less efficient by water-shortages in much the same it does with increasing temperatures. Georgia, Alabama and similar states have to be extra careful with this in the coming years.


Energy Engineer Mathias Maehlum regularly writes about wind, solar, geothermal and other sources of energy at Energy Informative.

November 03 2011


On Our Radar: Fracking Protest in Britain

Reports linking minor tremors to fracking at a gas-rich site in northern England galvanize opponents of the natural gas drilling process.
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July 07 2011


Haste vs. Procrastination on Nuclear Waste

Moving spent fuel from pools to dry casks in the absence of a long-term repository has pluses and minuses. On the plus side, the radiation will diminish during dry-cask storage, meaning that the fuel will need less space at its burial site someday.

December 27 2010


December 09 2010


Oyster Creek Nuclear Deal Draws Fire

A congressman faults impending E.P.A. regulations for a nuclear plant's planned shutdown, but environmentalists argue that the deal favored a polluter over Barnegat Bay.

August 31 2010


A Nuclear Giant Moves Into Wind

Exelon, which recently backed away from building new nuclear plants, announced that it was buying John Deere Renewables.

May 28 2010


Not Dead, Only Resting? The Climate Bill

A popular parlor game in Washington is trying to figure out whether the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has helped or hurt chances for passage of comprehensive energy and climate change legislation. President Obama tried to boost its prospects in his press conference on Thursday, saying the crisis highlights the need to find alternatives to the deadly and dirty fossil fuels oil and coal.
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