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February 28 2013


An Emblem for Puerto Rico’s Climate Fight

Scientists fear that native tree frog species in Puerto Rico will go extinct unless action is taken to slow rising temperatures.
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August 22 2012


Exploring Africa's Big, Wild Rhino Country

Environmental writer and activist Rick Bass takes readers on a hunt for critically endangered wild rhinos in his new book, "The Black Rhinos of Namibia."

August 20 2012


A Whale, a Tag, a Mission

Chugging behind a whale in an inflatable vessel, researchers may have only a precious second or two to affix an electronic tag to its glistening back. The tag precisely tracks the animal's movements.

August 17 2012


On Our Radar: Rating the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry and the federal government have the least positive images, as they did in polling last year.

August 14 2012


In Fragmented Brazilian Forest, Few Species Survive

New survey methods indicate that computer projections of surviving species vastly overstated their presence. And five large mammal species had essentially been wiped out.

August 10 2012


Mourning the Elephants

To mark World Elephant Day, an environmental group fills in some gaps in information about the slaughter of some 300 elephants in Cameroon early this year.

August 09 2012


On Our Radar: An Agent Orange Cleanup

American and Vietnamese crews will toil at a former Army air base at Da Nang, one of the most toxic of 28 dioxin "hot spots" in Vietnam.

August 07 2012


Capturing the Winter Songs of Rare Whales

Recording their screeches and whistles, researchers form theories on where the Spitsbergen bowheads breed in the Arctic winter blackness.

August 02 2012


August 01 2012


Ancestral Remedies to the Rescue

Ethnobotanists help Micronesian communities preserve medicinal plant knowledge and resources for future generations.

July 30 2012


On Our Radar: A Blackout in India

The power loss underscores the difficulties India faces in meeting the energy needs of its expanding economy.

July 27 2012


May 09 2012


Protecting Killer Frogs From Killer Humans

A new preserve in a mountainous region of western Colombia is intended to help protect the golden poison frog, whose skin is covered by a secretion of deadly alkaloid poison that can kill humans within minutes.

May 05 2012


Safeguarding Massive Trees, Champs of the Ecosystem

Mammoth trees accounted for only 1 percent of trees in a research plot but stored half of the area's biomass, researchers in Yosemite National Park found.

May 04 2012


On Our Radar: Birds and Wind Turbines

A Web-based map addresses concentrated migratory flight paths and key habitats for birds that could be jeopardized by wind turbines.

May 02 2012


A Taxonomic Error, Reversed Decades Too Late

Had researchers been aware that so many Caribbean skink species existed, an effort might have been made to save the endangered ones.

May 01 2012


On Our Radar: Pipeline Company Acquires Sunoco

Energy Transfer says the $5.3 billion deal will expand its presence in the transportation and storage of crude oil, natural gas and refined petrochemicals.

April 24 2012

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