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August 22 2012


Exploring Africa's Big, Wild Rhino Country

Environmental writer and activist Rick Bass takes readers on a hunt for critically endangered wild rhinos in his new book, "The Black Rhinos of Namibia."

August 20 2012


A Whale, a Tag, a Mission

Chugging behind a whale in an inflatable vessel, researchers may have only a precious second or two to affix an electronic tag to its glistening back. The tag precisely tracks the animal's movements.
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Sweaty Lessons in the 'True' Cost of Construction

Toiling with volunteers on the foundation of a straw bale house, the author absorbs a whole new environmental calculus.

August 08 2012


On Our Radar: N.R.C. Puts Off Licensing Decisions

The commission suspends decisions on license renewals for nuclear plants until the commission reassesses the nagging issue of storing spent nuclear fuel.

August 02 2012


July 31 2012


July 25 2012


How to Rebuild the Mississippi Delta

Last year's diversion of the Mississippi through a spillway suggests that when ideally chosen, such diversions can restore valuable land to the disappearing delta.

July 24 2012


Interior Names Solar 'Hot Spots' Out West

The Interior Department will fast-track applications for large-scale solar energy installations at those sites in the hope of speeding installation of non-polluting electricity generation.

April 11 2012


There's Alternatives to the Gold in Them Thar Whales

Sperm whales with indigestion produce excretions known as ambergris, a rare and highly prized commodity. Trade in ambergris is illegal in the United States and Australia.

March 23 2012


Apps, Anyone? Managing Your Energy Consumption

The White House and Department of Energy challenge software developers to build Web and smartphone applications that help consumers understand hour-by-hour data on their usage.

January 25 2012


Oil Supply as a Strategic Risk

In an opinion piece in the journal Nature, two professors argue that given the constraints on supply, smart governments ought to be pushing hard to move their citizens into more efficient cars, onto public transit and so forth.

January 07 2012


Legal Problem Grounds a Bird Migration

The F.A.A. fields complaints that pilots who act like birds, flying ultralight aircraft to guide whooping cranes, are engaged in a commercial activity. While it investigates, the migratory birds are stranded.

December 27 2011


Could Chicken Be the New Monkey Someday?

Studies tease apart the intricacies of bush meat consumption in Central and West Africa, which may help guide conservation efforts in those regions.

December 14 2011


Inevitable, or in Limbo? A Dam for the Mekong

Still absent is a clear commitment from Laos to halt all construction activity related to the proposed dam, which conservationists view as a major environmental threat.

December 13 2011


For Sparrows, Terror Has Grim Consequences

Mother birds that were exposed to predator sounds had 40 percent fewer offspring than birds that were not exposed to predator noises, researchers found.

Finding Nemo and His Fellow Travelers

One in every six families of marine species corresponding to characters in the animated film "Finding Nemo" is threatened with extinction, researchers say.

November 21 2011


After Rhino Horn Seizure, Conservationists Seek Enforcement

Conservationists see a record seizure of rhino horn in Hong Kong as a way to enforce more smuggling crimes.

November 17 2011


Not All Rivers Reach the Sea

A conservation writer and photographer-filmmaker recounted their journey down the Colorado River, which runs dry long before reaching the sea after decades of exploitation.

November 14 2011


October 25 2011


A Photographic Call to Action

The International League of Conservation Photographers has 102 members around the world addressing issues from poaching to global warming to deforestation.
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