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July 27 2012


Readers Jump Into the Climate Fray

Some fault the news media for underplaying or hyping the threat of climate change. Others offer practical or political advice for addressing the problem.

July 22 2012

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February 06 2012


January 05 2012


On Our Radar: Chinese Airlines Defy Europe's Emissions Rules

Under regulations that took effect on Jan. 1, airlines that fail to pay emissions allowances in flying into European Union countries can be fined per ton of carbon dioxide. Persistent offenders could be banned.

December 04 2011


Carbon Emissions Jumped in 2010, Report Says

Researchers say the high growth rate reflects a bounce-back from a 1.4 percent drop in emissions in 2009, the year the recession had its biggest impact.

November 14 2011


Flying on Chicken Fat

To shield themselves from oil price gyrations, airlines are experimenting with fuels that incorporate ingredients like used fryer oil and algae.

October 26 2011


A Carbon Culprit: Rivers and Streams

Streams and rivers in the United States alone release almost 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year -- equal to a car burning 40 billion gallons of gasoline, "enough to drive back and forth to the moon 3.4 million times," a study says.

September 13 2011


A Green Gloss to Car Racing?

Some find it incongruous, but Nascar, which celebrates fast cars, is trying to make its tracks more environmentally friendly.

August 31 2011


August 27 2011


Hurricanes and Climate Change

Scientists disagree on whether hurricanes are already getting stronger because of global warming, but they tend to agree that storms will get more intense in the future as the planet continues to heat up.

June 28 2011


Can Biofuels Save Sub-Saharan Africa?

Two researchers see great potential for biofuel crops on marginal lands. The idea is that Africa could become a competitive exporter of biofuels, which could bring in money for the basic infrastructure needed to transport and process food.

June 15 2011


Dracula Lurks in Your Set-Top Box

Set-top boxes in the United States consume nearly as much energy when not in use as when they are on, costing a cumulative $2 billion a year.

May 26 2011


May 25 2011


Bill Allows Military to Use High-Carbon 'Liquid Coal'

Citing the military's own acknowledgement of climate change as a national security threat, critics call on Congress to reject the proposal.

May 20 2011


On Our Radar: Indonesia Signs Deal to Protect Virgin Forests

Exceptions will be made for development considered "vital to the nation," like geothermal energy, oil, gas, electricity and land for rice and sugar cane.

April 28 2011


U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Projected to Grow Slowly

In a startling contrast to its projections of five years ago, the Energy Department's research branch predicts that energy-related emissions will not rise to what they were in 2005 until 2027.

April 13 2011


April 12 2011


Marijuana Growing Gobbles Electricity, Study Finds

Indoor pot-growing operations in the United States burn about $5 billion worth of electricity annually, or roughly 1 percent of national power consumption, a study suggests.

March 31 2011


Coal, Jobs and America's Energy Future

A new study suggests that only about half the jobs projected by proposed large coal plant projects are actually created. Meanwhile, President Obama barely mentioned coal in his energy speech on Wednesday, annoying the industry.
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