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February 28 2013


Taking a Fresh Look at Nuclear Waste

A new book argues that the nation's failure to establish a nuclear waste repository is less about technological shortcomings than human foibles.

August 09 2012


An Uncertain Phase for Nuclear Power Licenses

While critics applaud a halt to the issuing of license renewals by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, it will not prevent existing plants from continuing to operate, the commission says.
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July 31 2012


July 24 2012


A Low-Key Debut for a New N.R.C. Leader

The new chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission skirts positions she has previously taken on the storage of nuclear waste.

May 03 2012


Is Yucca Mountain Still Dead?

With President Obama allied with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada on stopping the nuclear waste project, which can go nowhere without a budget, the question is whether it matters what the law says.

February 01 2012


Advising Congress to Cede Control

It would be better to seek local consent in choosing a site for a nuclear waste repository, chairmen of a special commission tell a House panel.

January 27 2012


Is Spent Nuclear Fuel Really Waste?

A special commission on nuclear waste is not bullish on the near-term prospects for reprocessing it so that the uranium and plutonium it contains can be reused..

January 26 2012


Panel Urges 'Urgent' Solution on Nuclear Waste

A special panel warns that if a disposal site is not expedited, the federal government will foot ever-greater related expenses -- and lose face with its citizens and the international community.

January 24 2012


Wanted: Parking Space for Nuclear Waste

The nuclear industry's policy group joins with utility coalitions to press for centralization of the waste and renewing the hunt for a permanent resting place.

November 16 2011


A Long, Long Road to Recycling Nuclear Fuel

A report from the Government Accountability Office says the Department of Energy has not adequately sized up the state of technical progress for the many technologies that would be needed for recycling.

September 12 2011


How Dead Is Yucca Mountain?

Does a vote taken on Friday by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission seal the waste repository's fate or keep it alive? Or is everything up in the air, legally speaking?

July 29 2011


How to Pick a Site for a Nuclear Waste Dump

A blue-ribbon commission recommends a new process for choosing a permanent repository for the nation's nuclear waste based on sound science and local consent.

July 07 2011


Haste vs. Procrastination on Nuclear Waste

Moving spent fuel from pools to dry casks in the absence of a long-term repository has pluses and minuses. On the plus side, the radiation will diminish during dry-cask storage, meaning that the fuel will need less space at its burial site someday.

June 16 2011


Nuclear Chief Is Grilled on Leadership Style

Senator John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican, asks the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's chairman whether he rode roughshod over his fellow commissioners.

June 13 2011


Enviro News Wrap: No More Arsenic Chicken; Snowpack Decline; Tar Sands Pipeline Blocked. and more…

The Latest Environmental News HeadlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

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April 05 2011


Republicans Open Inquiry on Yucca Mountain Shutdown

Two congressmen say there was "no scientific or technical basis" for the Obama administration's move to withdraw a construction application for the nuclear-waste storage site.

March 30 2011


February 14 2011


September 17 2010


Enough Uranium for Now, Analysts Say

A study by M.I.T. suggests that uranium supplies should suffice for new reactor construction but warns against building factories that prepare plutonium for reuse.

August 13 2010


Address Mistrust, Scientists Urge Nuclear Panel

Scientists argue that a presidential panel on nuclear waste needs to address issues beyond the technological.
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