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March 01 2013


August 17 2012


On Energy Policy, a Week of Venus and Mars

Mitt Romney talked up fossil fuels, especially coal, while President Obama emphasized the creation of wind jobs.

On Our Radar: Rating the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry and the federal government have the least positive images, as they did in polling last year.

August 14 2012


On Our Radar: A Colossal Burmese Python

The invasive reptile, whose population is soaring in South Florida, was carrying 87 eggs.

May 08 2012


When the Wind Whispers, Whose Name Does it Call?

Unlike coal-fired plants or hydroelectric dams, few wind farms are named after people.

May 04 2012


On Our Radar: Birds and Wind Turbines

A Web-based map addresses concentrated migratory flight paths and key habitats for birds that could be jeopardized by wind turbines.

April 30 2012


April 23 2012


March 23 2012


Neighbors Win Court Round Over Wind Farm Noise

A Maine judge rules that their petition to reinstate a rule on compliance with noise limits can proceed.

March 06 2012


February 08 2012


Surplus Renewable Energy: An Update

From interregional sharing to the development of batteries, the energy secretary offers ideas for coping with a sudden oversupply of power to the grid.

January 18 2012


Wind Turbines and Health Hazards

A study commissioned by a Massachusetts state agency finds no conclusive evidence that the sounds of wind turbines affect the human balance system or cause illnesses like diabetes.

November 29 2011


November 21 2011


November 09 2011


Nearly 500 Birds Found Dead Near Wind Farm

A consultant says that migrating birds apparently were attracted to the lighting at a battery installation and related electrical substation.

October 31 2011


Better Batteries: Not Just for Cars Anymore

A new wind farm in West Virginia relies on batteries to smooth its output to the grid. And the manufacturer says that a new generation of batteries will have far more capacity.

October 26 2011


A Reconfigured Energy Sector

A special section explores new technologies and steep challenges benefiting and testing the energy industry.

October 19 2011


Is Wind Worth It?

An analyst at a conservative policy institute suggests that economically, the high costs of wind energy argue against its playing a big role in electricity generation.

July 02 2011


Proof that the Government is tilting at windmills

The policy on which our national energy strategy is now centred is a ludicrously expensive, self-defeating joke, says Christopher Booker.

June 28 2011


Google's Green Energy Wish List

The company imagines a cost breakthrough in various energy areas, then tries to map out what the result would be for jobs, the economy and various products like hybrid cars.
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