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March 01 2013


On Our Radar: Asian Dust and California Snow

Even when two storm systems in the Sierra Nevada carry the same amount of water vapor, scientists found, the presence of dust from Asia in one will cause far more precipitation.

August 16 2012


Tsunami Debris Strains Budgets and Patience

States along the Pacific Coast worry that vast amounts of trash will wash up and are concerned about invasive species.
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August 15 2012


A Different Approach to Coping With Drought

To reduce evaporation, a start-up venture proposes to cover reservoirs with a layer of vegetable oil made from palm and coconut.

August 09 2012


Another Jolt to Global Food Prices

A global food price index jumped 6 percent in July, with the drought afflicting grain crops in the United States the leading factor.

On Our Radar: An Agent Orange Cleanup

American and Vietnamese crews will toil at a former Army air base at Da Nang, one of the most toxic of 28 dioxin "hot spots" in Vietnam.

August 07 2012


How to Parse Climate Change and Extreme Weather?

How much of the weird weather so much of the world is experiencing can be attributed to global warming, and how much to the natural variability of climate? The question has political implications as well as scientific ones.

August 06 2012


On Our Radar: Oklahoma's Wildfires

Some people who were evacuated are allowed to return home, but the blazes continue in pockets in the northeastern part of the state.

August 02 2012


Big Drought Makes for a Small 'Dead Zone'

Because of a lack of rain in the Midwest, far less fertilizer was flushed into rivers and far less nitrates reached the Gulf of Mexico, slowing the process that depletes oxygen there.

July 26 2012


On Our Radar: Tropical Cells in the Arctic?

Researchers say the invaders were apparently swept up in the warm Gulf Stream, which travels from the Caribbean to the North Atlantic but usually peters out somewhere between Greenland and Europe.

July 23 2012


July 20 2012


Southwestern Drought, in Fact and Film

While drought is big news in much of the United States this summer, in the Southwest, it has become virtually a given. Its impact on the Colorado River is the focus of a new crop of books and documentaries.

July 19 2012


For the Sweltering, Little Relief in Sight

NOAA issued its monthly climate report for June and a three-month outlook.

May 08 2012


May 02 2012


Lights Out for Research Satellites?

Experts warn that the nation's capability to collect data from space, vital to understanding the Earth's environment and preparing for the future, is in "precipitous decline."

How Robots Inspect the Oklahoma Sky

A field measurement site in Oklahoma is a crucial part of a global effort to understand how clouds could affect global warming.

April 30 2012


April 23 2012


March 30 2012


Making Sense of the Wacky Weather

Scientists are getting bolder about linking extreme weather patterns, and even specific events, to human-induced global warming. Still, even the boldest acknowledge that it's a difficult exercise.
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