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March 01 2013

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August 16 2012


In Fuel Cells, Some Hope for Urban Sanitation

A team of engineers has developed fuel cells that harness a mix of microbes to clean wastewater while producing their own power

August 15 2012


Introducing the Ocean Health Index

Comparing different parts of the world's oceans, the index weighs whether the human activity there is sustainable or in need of better management.

August 14 2012


Cleaning a River That Was Given Up for Dead

Acknowledging the extent of the contamination is just the first challenge in tackling a project as big as detoxifying a river, especially one that was as abused as the Passaic.

August 10 2012


For Hong Kong Beaches, a Scourge of Plastic Pellets

A container ship spill during a typhoon sends 150 tons into local waters, presenting risks for marine animals and food safety.

August 08 2012


Was It Hard, Our Year in the Woods? Yes and No.

Season by season, a family ultimately found the challenges surmountable while living off the grid in the Maine woods.

August 03 2012


On Our Radar: Hunger in North Korea

Floods have swept away crops and damaged wells and pumping stations, leaving many without food or clean drinking water, a United Nations agency said.

August 02 2012


July 30 2012


Oozing Fuel, in a New York Reservoir?

Two fuel tanks were apparently left at the bottom of the Pepacton Reservoir before it went into service in 1955.

March 30 2012


Upstate vs. Downstate: A Slow Boil Over Water Issues

People all around the Catskills and up and down the Delaware River are complaining about New York City's management of the watershed that supplies the city's drinking water.

March 15 2012


On Our Radar: The Dead Zone in the Gulf

Environmental groups say they want tougher wastewater rules to combat practices that have turned the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico into a "sewer."

March 13 2012


A Greener Strategy for New York's Runaway Sewage

An accord is reached on investments in infrastructure for preventing storm water from overwhelming New York City's sewage system and polluting creeks and rivers.

March 06 2012


March 05 2012


On Our Radar: BP Shares Climb

After reaching a $7.8 billion accord with businesses and individuals over the gulf oil spill, the company predicts that it will reach a settlement with the federal government as well.

February 17 2012


A Shellfish Ban Off Long Island

No clam fishing will be allowed in part of the bay because of state concerns about water quality.

February 16 2012


New York Plans Faster Sewage Alerts

In a pilot program, environmental officials will install remote sensors at five places where sewage can enter the city's waterways so that bathers and skiers are not caught unaware.

February 13 2012


A Street View for Rivers

Two surfers embark on a five-year Internet project to document the state of the nation's rivers with a view from the waters. One aim is to show pollution levels.

February 08 2012


On Our Radar: A Subglacial Lake

Scientists say they have drilled down through ice and reached Lake Vostok, the largest of more than 280 lakes under the thick ice that covers most of the Antarctic continent. It has been sealed from light and air for millions of years. If evidence of life is found there, it could boost hopes of finding life in similar conditions in icy water on one of the moons of Jupiter.
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