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March 06 2013


Follow Our Environmental Coverage

Where to find continuing coverage of the environment at The Times.

March 01 2013


On Our Radar: Asian Dust and California Snow

Even when two storm systems in the Sierra Nevada carry the same amount of water vapor, scientists found, the presence of dust from Asia in one will cause far more precipitation.
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August 31 2012


East Coast National Parks at Risk From Sea Level's Rise

A new report on popular coastal retreats say these areas are some of the most susceptible to the effects of climate change and may look very different, very soon.

August 24 2012


Republicans' Weather Watch

This interactive map from a climate research group shows how a storm surge could flood Tampa.

August 23 2012


Report Finds Americans Wasteful of Food

A report from the Natural Resources Defense Council says that much of the food produced for Americans goes unused, wasting water and the other resources that go into producing it.

August 21 2012


On the Radar: Arctic Sea Ice Melt

Next week, Arctic sea ice may melt to its smallest size since data collection began in 1979, according to the lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

August 20 2012


On Our Radar: Making Clouds From Saltwater

A proposal that uses futuristic ships to spray saltwater into the atmosphere, creating clouds that reflect sunlight and counter global warming.

August 17 2012


A 20-Year Low in U.S. Carbon Emissions

Energy-related emissions were lower in January to March than for any first quarter since 1992, partly because of the shift from coal to natural gas in power generation.

August 13 2012


Stressed Aquifers Around the Globe

Beyond the depletion of aquifers in California's Central Valley or the Upper Ganges of India and Pakistan, a new study shows severe stresses in Iran, western Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

August 07 2012


Capturing the Winter Songs of Rare Whales

Recording their screeches and whistles, researchers form theories on where the Spitsbergen bowheads breed in the Arctic winter blackness.

August 06 2012


The Arctic Drilling Countdown

The interior secretary is on his way to Alaska, but Obama administration officials caution that this doesn't mean that permits are imminent for Shell.

May 04 2012


A Recycling Czar for New York City

An incoming deputy commissioner plans to focus on expanding the number of recycling receptacles on the streets and on curbside collection of food scraps for composting.

May 03 2012


More on the Science of Clouds and Climate

The basic problem in understanding the relationship between clouds and climate change is that scientists only have a decade of detailed data to work with.

April 12 2012


Study Links Raised Carbon Dioxide Levels to Oyster Die-Offs

A study published in the journal Limnology and Oceanography looked at production declines at an Oregon oyster hatchery and carbon dioxide, which causes acidification of seawater.

April 09 2012


On Our Radar: Gas, Gas and More Gas

With a mild winter in much of the country having tamped down gas demand and with production of natural gas thriving due to the success of hydraulic fracturing technology, "the country is running out of storage space and as a result some producers are slowing down, the Associated Press reports.

April 03 2012


Research Cut Short in Indian Tiger Preserves

Scientists speak out against a system that gives individual state wardens authority over permits for field research.

March 06 2012


A New East Asian Import: Ozone Pollution

Researchers find that westerly winds can push ozone across the Pacific to the Southwest, where it descends to the ground level, sometimes pushing concentrations to unacceptable levels.

February 10 2012


The Forensics of Snake Venom

Genetic analysis of venom allows Indian investigators to determine whether it came from an endangered cobra, helping them to prosecute traffickers.

January 31 2012


In the Little Ice Age, Lessons for Today

A new study underlines just how rapidly the global climate can be altered by a change of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and for how long.
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