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March 01 2013


August 18 2012


Electronics Recycling Fire Unnerves a N.Y. Town

A lack of readily accessible information about whether contaminants like PCBs spread worries residents of a Columbia County town.
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August 16 2012


Tsunami Debris Strains Budgets and Patience

States along the Pacific Coast worry that vast amounts of trash will wash up and are concerned about invasive species.

August 14 2012


Cleaning a River That Was Given Up for Dead

Acknowledging the extent of the contamination is just the first challenge in tackling a project as big as detoxifying a river, especially one that was as abused as the Passaic.

August 10 2012


For Hong Kong Beaches, a Scourge of Plastic Pellets

A container ship spill during a typhoon sends 150 tons into local waters, presenting risks for marine animals and food safety.

August 09 2012


On Our Radar: An Agent Orange Cleanup

American and Vietnamese crews will toil at a former Army air base at Da Nang, one of the most toxic of 28 dioxin "hot spots" in Vietnam.

July 31 2012


July 30 2012


On Our Radar: A Blackout in India

The power loss underscores the difficulties India faces in meeting the energy needs of its expanding economy.

July 27 2012


July 24 2012


A Low-Key Debut for a New N.R.C. Leader

The new chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission skirts positions she has previously taken on the storage of nuclear waste.

July 20 2012


E.P.A. to Consider Relaxing an Air Pollution Rule

The agency's review will affect five planned power plants in Georgia, Kansas, Texas and Utah.

Piecing the Puzzle Together on Dolphin Deaths

Researchers suggest that several factors -- a cold winter, the gulf oil spill, and an influx of cold freshwater -- could have led to a surge in dolphin deaths in the gulf.

July 19 2012


Trying to Tally Fukushima

Reflecting myriad uncertainties, a new study suggests that anywhere from 15 to 1,300 people could die as a result of radiation exposure related to the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

May 07 2012


May 04 2012


Wastewater Jitters in New York

A proposal to allow fracking in New York State has focused attention on the wastewater generated by conventional natural gas drilling as well.

May 03 2012


Is Yucca Mountain Still Dead?

With President Obama allied with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada on stopping the nuclear waste project, which can go nowhere without a budget, the question is whether it matters what the law says.

May 01 2012


Vessel Sets Sail in Search of Tsunami Debris

A group hopes to better understand where the detritus from the 2011 tsunami has or will make landfall.

April 30 2012


Report Finds Pipeline Oversight Wanting

Current federal rules do not take into account the long-term risks and environmental impacts of new pipeline routes, a report commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation argues.
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