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March 01 2013


On Our Radar: Asian Dust and California Snow

Even when two storm systems in the Sierra Nevada carry the same amount of water vapor, scientists found, the presence of dust from Asia in one will cause far more precipitation.
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February 28 2013


Taking a Fresh Look at Nuclear Waste

A new book argues that the nation's failure to establish a nuclear waste repository is less about technological shortcomings than human foibles.

An Emblem for Puerto Rico’s Climate Fight

Scientists fear that native tree frog species in Puerto Rico will go extinct unless action is taken to slow rising temperatures.

February 27 2013


Mapping a Plague of Frogs

An interactive Web site, periodically updated, visualizes the occurrence of cases of amphibian chytrid fungus around the world.

September 04 2012


Q. and A.: Climate Change and the Monsoon

In decades to come, global warming is likely to result in heavier bursts of rain and longer dry spells.

August 20 2012


A Whale, a Tag, a Mission

Chugging behind a whale in an inflatable vessel, researchers may have only a precious second or two to affix an electronic tag to its glistening back. The tag precisely tracks the animal's movements.

August 17 2012


A 20-Year Low in U.S. Carbon Emissions

Energy-related emissions were lower in January to March than for any first quarter since 1992, partly because of the shift from coal to natural gas in power generation.

On Our Radar: Rating the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry and the federal government have the least positive images, as they did in polling last year.

August 16 2012


In Fuel Cells, Some Hope for Urban Sanitation

A team of engineers has developed fuel cells that harness a mix of microbes to clean wastewater while producing their own power

August 15 2012


Introducing the Ocean Health Index

Comparing different parts of the world's oceans, the index weighs whether the human activity there is sustainable or in need of better management.

A Different Approach to Coping With Drought

To reduce evaporation, a start-up venture proposes to cover reservoirs with a layer of vegetable oil made from palm and coconut.

August 14 2012


In Fragmented Brazilian Forest, Few Species Survive

New survey methods indicate that computer projections of surviving species vastly overstated their presence. And five large mammal species had essentially been wiped out.

August 13 2012


Climate Insight From a Magical Mountain Range

A new study suggests that under natural conditions, the climate in the earth's two hemispheres were out of step in past eras. Today, mountain ice is retreating worldwide, suggesting that human-produced greenhouse gases could be at work.

August 10 2012


A Melt in the Northwest Passage

Satellite images show that ice retreated rapidly in the Parry Channel between mid-July and early August.

The Secrets of Hissing Trees

Scientists suggest that trees in upland forests infected with a common fungus are a significant source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

August 09 2012


The Power of Images: California Maps Greenhouse Gases

California's air regulators have announced a tool for showing which plants release the most greenhouse gases, suggesting how data visualization could one day greatly inform public policy.
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