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March 01 2013


Q and A: The Angry Economist

Because of its natural gas boom, the United States is ahead of Europe in fixing climate change, the Oxford economist Dieter Helm argues.

September 04 2012


Q. and A.: Climate Change and the Monsoon

In decades to come, global warming is likely to result in heavier bursts of rain and longer dry spells.
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July 30 2012


Q. and A.: Greening the London Olympics

From sustainable timber to recycled steel pipes, planners sought sustainable ways of creating the venues for the games.

May 09 2012


Q&A: Toward a Greener Tour and a Green Guitar

The guitarist Adam Gardner talks about his campaign to persuade musicians to discourage illegal logging and to support the Lacey Act.

September 16 2011


Q-and-A: The Quest of the Earth Scientist

Ralph J. Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, is eager to see big questions answered on humans' impact on climate change, forests and glaciers.

July 28 2011


Q. and A.: 'The Rambunctious Garden'

Emma Marris, an environmental journalist, suggests that it is no longer feasible to focus so much attention on dwindling pockets of wilderness while ignoring the many other spaces that could still be reclaimed as nature.

July 15 2011


After 8 Decades, Tiny Toad Resurfaces in Asia

A research team tracks down the tree-dwelling Borneo rainbow toad in an area along the Malaysia-Indonesia border that had formerly been inaccessible.

June 08 2011


Answering Questions About the World's Food Supply

Responding to an article on the world's future food security, readers pose questions about the potential for future grain shortages, price spikes, the use of water, chemicals, and energy to produce meat and dairy products, and overpopulation. Justin Gillis replies.

June 04 2011


Questions on Climate Change and the Food Future

Justin Gillis, an environmental science reporter for The Times, is taking reader questions on climate change and the world's future food security.
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March 16 2011


Q. and A. on the Nuclear Crisis in Japan

New York Times reporters are answering questions from readers about the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan.

March 15 2011


Questions on the Nuclear Crisis in Japan

New York Times reporters covering the nuclear crisis in Japan are answering questions from readers.
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September 16 2010


September 14 2010


August 09 2010


Q and A: The 9/11 Adjuster

"Our job is to figure out and evaluate the level of harm," says an administrator of health compensation to be paid out under a legal settlement with ground zero workers.

June 28 2010


June 22 2010


Q. and A.: Woody Biomass, Pros and Cons

John M. Hagan, president of the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, and Thomas Walker, a researcher at the center, answer a few questions about their recent study of biomass power.

June 21 2010


Answers From the Investigative Team

Following are responses from David Barstow, one of the reporters who examined the lax oversight of the oil rig's blowout preventer, to reader questions.

Ask the Investigative Reporters

Today, New York Times reporters will answer readers' questions about their article on the decisions that led to and followed the failure of the blowout preventer on the Deepwater Horizon rig.

June 08 2010


Tracking Oil Though the Food Web

A scientist at the California Academy of Sciences is using his experience tracking oil pollution residues in the shells of San Francisco Bay mollusks to understand the impact of the oil spill on the food web in the Gulf of Mexico.

May 17 2010


Q. and A.: Tending to His Bayou Constituents

Representative Charlie Melancon, Democrat of Louisiana, says it's probably dawning on his constituents that the spill is "worse than any of the stuff that they thought was so horrible before."
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