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March 01 2013


An Addendum

Some longtime contributors to the Green blog will now be posting to the Caucus and Bits blogs instead, and they can be followed on Twitter.

A Blog’s Adieu

The New York Times is discontinuing the Green blog but plans to press on with aggressive energy and environment coverage.
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Q and A: The Angry Economist

Because of its natural gas boom, the United States is ahead of Europe in fixing climate change, the Oxford economist Dieter Helm argues.

February 28 2013


European Climate Official Urges Keystone XL Veto

Killing a 1,700-mile pipeline intensely opposed by the environmentally minded would send "a very, very interesting global signal,” Connie Hedegaard says.

Taking a Fresh Look at Nuclear Waste

A new book argues that the nation's failure to establish a nuclear waste repository is less about technological shortcomings than human foibles.

An Emblem for Puerto Rico’s Climate Fight

Scientists fear that native tree frog species in Puerto Rico will go extinct unless action is taken to slow rising temperatures.

Shell Backs Off From Arctic Drilling

A series of accidents prompts the company to indicate that it is not yet ready to resume drilling operations in the region.

September 04 2012


Illegal Logging Deals Rife in Liberia, Group Reports

A report says that control of one-quarter of Liberia's land has been granted to logging companies in just two years through permits that were illegally or fraudulently awarded.

Do as I Say, Not as I ...

The Energy Department fails to take some relatively easy low-cost steps to cut its energy consumption, an audit finds.

Q. and A.: Climate Change and the Monsoon

In decades to come, global warming is likely to result in heavier bursts of rain and longer dry spells.

August 31 2012


State Considering Studying Health Impacts of Fracking

Environmental groups are pressing New York to conduct a study of the health effects of hydraulic fracturing before the state makes its final determination on whether to allow the drilling process.

August 30 2012


What Will It Take?

In this presidential election season, mum is the word on all issues related to climate change.

August 29 2012


Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon Organize Artists Against Fracking

Artists Against Fracking, a new coalition organized by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, will spread its message through social media.

Republican Platform Opposes Agenda 21

The Republican Party platform, approved this week, includes a resolution condemning a 40-year-old United Nations resolution the encourages sustainable development.

August 27 2012


For Climate Change, a Possible Trial Could Echo the Scopes Monkey Case

The scientist Michael Mann has threatened to sue National Review for defamation, setting up the potential for an interesting jury trial on climate change and the hockey stick graph.

August 22 2012


New York's City Council Adds Climate Change Panels

Planning for and adapting to climate change gained more formal status in the New York City Council when two new panels were added to the city's government structure.

Overlooked and Underfoot: Sidewalk Cleaning in New York City

Who knew there were so many ways to keep the cement pathways clear of debris and discarded gum.

August 18 2012


Electronics Recycling Fire Unnerves a N.Y. Town

A lack of readily accessible information about whether contaminants like PCBs spread worries residents of a Columbia County town.
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