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March 22 2012


March 21 2012


Company Halts U.S. Sales of Fumigant

California regulators had approved use of the substance, methyl iodide, despite opposition from scientists and environmental and farm workers who say that it is highly toxic.
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December 13 2011


October 18 2011


On Our Radar: A Listing, Leaking Ship

New Zealand's prime minister says it is "critical" that a foundered ship stay intact so that workers can resume pumping oil from the vessel.

August 29 2011


Testing Water Along the Path of Irene

Beyond flooding and destruction, Hurricane Irene is likely to have caused less visible environmental damage by dumping sewage, pesticides and other contaminants into waterways along the East Coast, federal officials said.

April 01 2011


Is a Pesticide Harming All Those Bees?

The E.P.A. is facing more pressure to re-examine its decision to allow the application of neonicotinoids, which are banned in Germany and Italy.

March 01 2011


Protecting the Lion From U.S. Predators

Noting that the United States is the leading importer of lions and lion parts, a coalition of groups seeks a federal listing on the endangered species list.

February 01 2011


Are We Hard-Wired to Doubt Science?

An author suggests that human evolution may explain why people reject scientific conclusions that counter their instinctive belief that someone or something is out to get them.

November 24 2010


Candy, or Mothballs? E.P.A. Cautions Public

Some brightly colored bags of unregistered mothballs containing toxic chemicals could be mistaken for sweets, the agency warns.

October 11 2010


Bring On the Stink Bugs

Japanese researchers say they have developed the first-ever stink bug repellent, made from a common plant fungus.

August 11 2010


Perils of Do-It-Yourself Bedbug Control

Of particular concern are reports of homeowners and renters applying pesticides within their homes that are approved only for outdoor use.

June 03 2010


Policing the Pesticide Applicators

In response to a court decision last year that pesticide discharges are pollutants to be regulated, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed permit requirements for large pesticide applicators.

May 18 2010


February 03 2010


Household Pesticide Is Finding Its Way Into California Rivers, Study Suggests

California Rivers contain toxins found in a commonly used home pesticide, according to study published in Environmental Science and Technology.

November 27 2009


Would G.M.O. Apples by Another Name Taste Sweeter?

Consumers might be more willing to bite into genetically modified apples if they were labeled differently, according to research published this month in the Journal of Food Distribution Research.

November 25 2009


Agribusiness Chief Slams Organics

When Michael Mack, the chief executive of Syngenta, a Swiss agribusiness giant that makes pesticides and seeds, hears people say that organic food is better for the planet, he has one response: "Au contraire."

September 22 2009


São Paulo to Ban 14 Pesticides?

I’ve mentioned in the past that Brazilian states sometimes get impatient waiting for the federal government to act on environmental issues and elect to take their own action, which eventually prods the feds into action (sometimes because industry complains about conflicting state rules on the same subject). It looks that may be about to [...]

September 05 2009


ANVISA Proposes Ban on Endosulfan, Partial Ban on Acephate

Following up on its review of 12 pesticides banned or severely restricted in other nations, Brazil’s National Sanitary Vigilance Agency (ANVISA) is proposing a ban on the use in that country of the active ingredient endosulfan in pesticides used in growing cotton, cocoa, coffee, sugarcane and soybeans.   The proposal, released for public comment today, also [...]

August 31 2009


Modificar la Norma Andina sobre Plaguicidas

Desde la Comunidad Andina (CAN): Elaboran propuesta para modificar norma comunitaria de plaguicidas Los responsables de los servicios oficiales de Sanidad Agropecuaria de los países de la Comunidad Andina se reunieron la semana pasada, en Lima, para elaborar una propuesta de modificación de la Norma Andina para el Registro y Control de Plaguicidas Químicos de [...]
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