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March 01 2013


August 29 2012

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August 10 2012


Mourning the Elephants

To mark World Elephant Day, an environmental group fills in some gaps in information about the slaughter of some 300 elephants in Cameroon early this year.

August 07 2012


Swath of the Adirondacks Gains Protection

Most of the land lies within the central lake and tourist region of Adirondack Park in New York State.

July 31 2012


A Development Dispute in the Grand Canyon

The president of the Navajo Nation favors building a tram from the canyon rim to its depths, a restaurant, a performance center, lodging and a vast parking lot. Some are aghast.

April 30 2012


Will Oil Extraction Harm Western Parks?

The government is considering whether to open roughly 2.3 million acres of land in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming to two controversial types of energy development.

April 20 2012


Tipping a Hat to the Planet

From free park admission to performance art to a bayou cleanup, there are dozens of ways to observe Earth Day.

April 18 2012


An Enemy in Your Sand Castle

A new study offers guidance on what levels of disease-causing bacteria in sand could pose a risk to children and other beachgoers.

April 04 2012


Who Knew? Upcycling the Dog Poo

A composting project in Ithaca, N.Y., turned 12 tons of pet waste into just two truckloads of fertilizer that will make its way back to a dog park.

March 27 2012


March 14 2012


On Our Radar: Leveling the Plowing Field

Even though 43 percent of the farmers in developing countries are women, agricultural development efforts sponsored by wealthy countries often fail to consider this, experts meeting in New Delhi say.

January 31 2012


A Stalwart Park Makes Do With Less

Edgewood Park in California, which had three full-time rangers in the mid-1990s, now has just one who is shared with two other parks. Volunteers help the park scrape by.

January 09 2012


Salazar Signs Grand Canyon Mining Ban

The interior secretary says that jobs in tourism and outdoor recreation far outweigh the potential loss of employment from limiting mining in the region.

December 29 2011


Closing In on Africa's Bush Meat Trade

Conservationists took inventories of bush meat markets in the hope of one day providing foods that could serve as alternatives to the meat of threatened species.

December 27 2011


Could Chicken Be the New Monkey Someday?

Studies tease apart the intricacies of bush meat consumption in Central and West Africa, which may help guide conservation efforts in those regions.

December 16 2011


December 05 2011


Are Parks a Boon to State Economies?

Economists urge the Obama administration and Congress to create more protected preserves, arguing that local economies will benefit.

December 02 2011


Nurturing Wildlife in War-Torn Afghanistan

About 80 percent of Afghans depend on natural resources for survival, but war has degraded the country to the point of threatening those lifelines. By training locals to act as stewards of ecosystems, the Wildlife Conservation Society hopes to promote stability.

December 01 2011


More on Coke's Role in a Shelved Bottle Ban

New documents highlight the role of the Coca-Cola Company in persuading the National Park Service director to scuttle a planned ban on plastic water bottles at Grand Canyon National Park.
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