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March 01 2013


An Addendum

Some longtime contributors to the Green blog will now be posting to the Caucus and Bits blogs instead, and they can be followed on Twitter.

A Blog’s Adieu

The New York Times is discontinuing the Green blog but plans to press on with aggressive energy and environment coverage.

February 28 2013


August 31 2012


State Considering Studying Health Impacts of Fracking

Environmental groups are pressing New York to conduct a study of the health effects of hydraulic fracturing before the state makes its final determination on whether to allow the drilling process.

An Unlikely Welcome Wagon, Back in Suburbia

After a year in the Maine woods with her family, the author finds the re-entry experience in New Jersey somewhat jarring.

August 29 2012


Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon Organize Artists Against Fracking

Artists Against Fracking, a new coalition organized by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, will spread its message through social media.

Republican Platform Opposes Agenda 21

The Republican Party platform, approved this week, includes a resolution condemning a 40-year-old United Nations resolution the encourages sustainable development.

August 28 2012


Education a Key to Hurricane Evacuations, City Finds

Although its report is not final, the New York City Office of Emergency Management has found that city residents advised in advance on the dangers of hurricanes and other storms are much more likely to evacuate.

Hunting for Debris and Answers in Alaska

A scientist and her team kayak their way to daily measurements of the forests of the ABC islands of Alaska, pondering wilderness of the past and present.

August 23 2012


Report Finds Americans Wasteful of Food

A report from the Natural Resources Defense Council says that much of the food produced for Americans goes unused, wasting water and the other resources that go into producing it.

August 22 2012


Overlooked and Underfoot: Sidewalk Cleaning in New York City

Who knew there were so many ways to keep the cement pathways clear of debris and discarded gum.

August 20 2012


Sweaty Lessons in the 'True' Cost of Construction

Toiling with volunteers on the foundation of a straw bale house, the author absorbs a whole new environmental calculus.

August 16 2012


Tsunami Debris Strains Budgets and Patience

States along the Pacific Coast worry that vast amounts of trash will wash up and are concerned about invasive species.

August 15 2012


A Plea for Hunts Point: Invite Midsize Farmers

As the state and other planners plot out a renovation for the Hunts Post produce market in the Bronx, groups seek a role for midsize farmers in the region.

August 14 2012


The Dolphin Lover's Conundrum

Feeding or petting a dolphin is illegal, but many who love them seem blissfully unaware.

Cleaning a River That Was Given Up for Dead

Acknowledging the extent of the contamination is just the first challenge in tackling a project as big as detoxifying a river, especially one that was as abused as the Passaic.

August 13 2012


Defending a Sanctuary With Paint and Song

An artist in a treetop studio on the Puerto Rican island of Culebra is fighting an effort to build a hotel among the mangroves.

August 10 2012


For Hong Kong Beaches, a Scourge of Plastic Pellets

A container ship spill during a typhoon sends 150 tons into local waters, presenting risks for marine animals and food safety.
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