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August 16 2012


Tsunami Debris Strains Budgets and Patience

States along the Pacific Coast worry that vast amounts of trash will wash up and are concerned about invasive species.

August 14 2012


On Our Radar: A Colossal Burmese Python

The invasive reptile, whose population is soaring in South Florida, was carrying 87 eggs.
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August 10 2012


April 26 2012


On Our Radar: Invasive Tiger Shrimp

The government reports a tenfold rise in the number of Asian tiger shrimp off the Eastern seaboard and in the Gulf of Mexico.

April 19 2012


For Weed Warriors, the Motto Is Endurance

In digging up the invasive plants that populate a Bay Area nature preserve, progress is measured in decades.

April 16 2012


April 10 2012


April 02 2012


On Our Radar: The Bounteous South China Sea

Ties between China and Southeast Asian countries that open a summit meeting this week have been strained as a result of overlapping claims in the South China Sea.

February 10 2012


On Our Radar: Trump Assails Wind Farm

The Scottish government is on the outs with Donald Trump, having proposed an offshore wind farm in view of his luxury golf resort.

February 07 2012


Crossed Fingers for a Threatened Butterfly

The Bay checkerspot vanished from a park in Northern California after nitrogen pollution from road traffic encouraged the spread of nonnative plants. Now, conservationists are hoping they can bring it back.

February 02 2012


On Our Radar: A Glacier Thief?

After intercepting a refrigerated truck carrying illicit ice, the authorities accuse the driver of theft and are considering charging him with violation of national monuments.

January 31 2012


On Our Radar: Barrier Urged to Halt Asian Carp

Other suggestions include placing barriers in five locations near Lake Michigan and a "mid-system" option that would come close to restoring a natural divide between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi, broken more than a century ago. The Army Corps of Engineers has said that as many as 10 invasive species are poised to enter the lakes.

January 26 2012


They've Done It Again: An Albatross Chick

For the second time, an endangered short-tailed albatross couple have produced a chick on United States soil.

January 17 2012


U.S. Bans Imports of 4 Invasive Snakes

The Interior Department acts after struggling for years to prevent nonnative constrictors from spreading and harming sensitive ecosystems.

January 13 2012


January 06 2012


On Our Radar: Road Checks for Invasive Species

Minnesota officials will check for the presence of zebra mussels and other invaders in boats being hauled along the state's roads.

January 05 2012


December 29 2011


California's Delta Ecosystem Is Healthier, For Now

A report says that the population of endangered delta smelt in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta has increased 10-fold since last year. But an invasive weed and a dearth of rain could make the uptick in the estuary's health short-lived.

December 09 2011


On Our Radar: A European Warning to Big Emitters

A proposal supported by the European Union at climate talks would give participating countries five months to convert pledges made last year into a legally binding target to be formally adopted in 2012.

November 06 2011


Bracing for a Bullfrog Invasion

As climate change unfolds in coming decades, the American bullfrog could move aggressively into areas of tropical South America that are considered vital to biodiversity, a study warns.
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