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August 15 2012


February 02 2012


Federal Government Opens More Ocean to Wind Projects

The Interior Department says that offshore wind farms pose no significant threat to the environment off the coasts of Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware. Although the department is now encouraging developers to submit applications, it is unclear whether offshore wind projects make financial sense at this time.
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December 14 2011


BP Returns to Deepwater Offshore Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

BP, the oil major responsible for the biggest offshore oil disaster in U.S. history, is officially returning to deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Obama Interior Department "awarded" BP $27 million worth of leases for oil-and-gas exploration in the Gulf waters into which the company and its accomplices dumped roughly 5 million barrels of oil in April 2010.


The Interior Department conducted its first Gulf lease sale since the BP disaster and announced today the winning bids from 20 different companies totaling $712 million. Adding a strange insult to injury, the lease sale was conducted in New Orleans, home to many fishermen and small business owners whose livelihoods were imperiled by BP's reckless drilling disaster.

In its coverage, BP Awarded $27 Million in Leases for Gulf Oil, Gas Exploration, the National Journal reports that:

BP bid a total of $109.9 million on 15 leases and won 11 for $27.4 million, Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management reported in a list of sales posted on its website.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said:

This marks a milestone with respect to the greatest overhaul in the America’s history,” Salazar said of the offshore-drilling safety reforms and changes implemented by Interior since the April 2010 explosion of a BP well in the Gulf led to the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history. “We believe we can move forward with oil and gas development.”

The only milestone this really marks is the renewed guarantee that the oil industry will continue to destroy the Gulf of Mexico one disaster at a time in its pursuit of dangerous, extreme energy. 

Forbes' coverage includes this astonishing set of quotes from the head of BOEMRE:

Michael Bromwich, director the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management was quoted today defending BP. “They don’t have a deeply flawed record offshore,” he reportedly said. “We’ve done analyses over time on the relative safety records of offshore operators and they wre in close to the top crew.”
Bromwich added: “The question is, do you administer the administrative death penalty based on one incident?,” Bromwich told reporters. “And we’ve concluded, I’ve concluded, that’s not appropriate in these circumstances.”

In case there was any doubt in your mind, Bromwich's logic here confirms that the Obama administration has returned to the status of Big Oil lapdog in hideous fashion today.

Any bets on which oil major will offer Mr. Bromwich a job when he's finished aiding and abetting industry in the destruction of the Gulf? 

September 06 2011


April 25 2011


A 21st-Century Water Forecast

A new federal report on climate change and the West supports predictions of future stress on supplies -- and offers a window on how the Obama administration is dealing with the fraught subject of climate change.

March 23 2011


Federal Lands in Wyoming Opened to Coal Mining

Environmental groups criticize the lease sales, saying that the Interior Department failed to calculate the impact of coal mining on climate change and water and air quality.

February 17 2011


February 15 2011


Federal Royalties for Gold and Copper?

The Obama budget seeks royalty payments from new efforts to mine gold, silver, copper and other metals on public lands. Unlike oil, coal and natural gas companies, hard-rock miners have not been subject to such payments.

January 13 2011


December 07 2010


On Our Radar: Negotiations on Wolf Protections Fail

The Interior Department offered to allow limited hunting, but state officials in Idaho and Montana said the restrictions were too severe.

December 02 2010


Spill Panel Opens Deliberations

A co-chairman suggests that the oil and gas industry needs to create a self-policing body modeled on one formed decades ago by the nuclear power industry,

November 25 2010


The Sea Otter's Fate in California

A legal settlement advances an effort to declare an experiment in limiting the southern sea otter's movements a failure. The goal now is to let the otters decide for themselves where they should live.

November 24 2010


November 10 2010


October 06 2010


A Soft Spot for Public Lands

Drumming up support for vast solar or wind installations on deserts treasured by environmentalists is never easy, even when the environmentalists agree that more renewable energy is needed.

September 08 2010


Panel Urges Tougher Offshore Regulation

A review board suggests hiring dozens of new oil and gas drilling inspectors, giving additional training to those already on the job and investing regulators with more authority to cite violations and impose fines.

July 20 2010


May 27 2010


April 26 2010


Who Will Build the First Offshore Wind Farm in North America?

Canada and the United States are in a race to build the first North American offshore wind farm, but don't expect turbines to turn anytime soon.
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