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December 12 2011


Learning How to Kill Trees

Scientists find evidence that the water distribution systems of aspens in Colorado were damaged during a drought, suggesting that they died of thirst rather than a lack of carbohydrates linked to a halt in photosynthesis.

September 13 2011


The Toll From Tree-Boring Pests

A new study estimates that invasive forest insects cost local governments about $2 billion a year and residential homeowners another $1.5 billion in lost property values.

August 24 2011


Where Has All the Genetic Diversity Gone?

A study from a biodiversity and climate research group in Germany examines the almost invisible erosion of genetic diversity because of climate-induced range contractions.

October 15 2010


Bedbug Rider Looms in Real Estate Deals

In recent weeks, some lawyers representing co-op and condo buyers have made bedbug disclosure a part of contract negotiation.

August 11 2010


Perils of Do-It-Yourself Bedbug Control

Of particular concern are reports of homeowners and renters applying pesticides within their homes that are approved only for outdoor use.

June 10 2010


Woe Is the Baby Grasshopper

Pilots in Wyoming are spraying pesticide to fight an infestation of grasshoppers. The chemical is aimed particularly at baby grasshoppers.
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