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August 06 2012


Enviro News Wrap: A Break for Wind; Sustainable Farming and Ranching; Muller’s About Face, and more…

The Latest Environmental News HeadlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up and comments on the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

August 02 2012

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April 03 2012


On Facebook, Some Friendly Energy Rivalry

A new app will allow 20 million households served by 16 utilities across the nation to post their energy usage on Facebook pages and invite friends to share their information, too.

March 15 2012


U.S. Chamber Front Group Holds “Whine And Blame” Facebook Party – Nobody Shows Up

American Free Enterprise, a front group of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, held a complaint session on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon to let Americans vent about “who is to blame” for rising gas prices. Unfortunately for the group, few people attended their virtual party.

The pity party was an attempt to get Americans riled up at President Obama for allegedly being an enemy of the oil industry – a claim that conservatives have falsely been throwing around since he took office. But the lack of enthusiasm was evident by the low participation.

Here is the comment thread from the “discussion," which I captured yesterday. Names and pictures have been covered:

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December 19 2011


May 05 2011


Declare Your Right to Breathe

EarthJustice.org Join the “Blow a Bubble for Clean Air” campaign on Facebook May 3, 2011 Washington, D.C. — Earthjustice launched a Facebook campaign today encouraging Americans to declare their right to breathe clean air by blowing a bubblegum bubble and posting that image as their profile picture. The Facebook action is part of Earthjustice’s “Right [...]

January 26 2011


Lion Meat Tacos Will Not Be on the Menu

An Arizona restaurant owner says he received violent threats after he ran a promotion for such tacos.

September 17 2010


June 03 2010


Roaming Oil Blob: You're the Host

Imagine if the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in your hometown. A Michigan software developer has created a map that plops the spill on top of any location on the globe.

May 03 2010


Sorrow and Salesmanship After the Spill

With the consequences of the Gulf of Mexico's oil spill seeming to worsen by the day, expressions of outrage and anguish over the disaster are mounting in the online universe.

December 13 2009


Astroturf: Health Insurers Caught Paying off Facebook Users

This is not related to climate denial, except to the degree that slippery corporate disinformation is contagious, but health insurers have been caught paying off Facebook users to write letters to Congress opposing health care reform.

As reported in the Business Insider, a consortium of health insurers, collected under the group Get Health Reform Right, are paying Facebook users "virtual currency" - which is useful in Facebook games like "FarmVille," "Mafia Wars" and "Friends For Sale" - in return for those users to fill out a questionaire. And when they do so, the program automatically kicks out a letter to Congress.

The system dupes the user and deceives Congress - it piles lies on lies and it should be illegal, because the more we tolerate this kind of dishonest corporate manipulation of the public conversation and the democratic process, the harder it will be to deal effectively with issues like health care and climate change.<!--break-->

December 12 2009


Of privacy on Facebook

BBC News – Facebook faces criticism on privacy change.

The question you need to ask yourself  is “what do ” use the Internet for?”.

In a statement, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said: “These new ‘privacy’ changes are clearly intended to push Facebook users to publicly share even more information than before. “

It added: “Even worse, the changes will actually reduce the amount of control that users have over some of their personal data.”

Why would it become an issue? I’m not saying I am surprised, but I still don’t get it. What kind of information are people sharing in their profiles, and what impact can it have? Have they been trusting too much before and feel something less good can become public – and if so, is Facebook really the best place to share your dirty little secrets?

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