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March 07 2012


What Makes Gasoline Prices Go Up?

Cognitive dissonance persists on the presidential campaign trail and in Congress, but some energy statistics are telling.

January 30 2012


Weighing Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

A preliminary finding by the Commerce Department suggests that if penalties are levied, they could be retroactive.
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January 24 2012


January 20 2012


A Phone App for Turning Down the Thermostat

Companies show off tools for helping homeowners make use of energy usage data they can download remotely at any time from a utility's Web site.

January 12 2012


On Our Radar: A Fracking Confrontation in Ohio

Residents of Youngstown express disappointment after state officials decline to link 11 earthquakes to fracking for a deep-injection gas well.

January 11 2012


Maybe It Fits Better in a Tweet?

CleanEdge, BrightSource, SolarReserve: do energy companies distrust spaces between words?

January 10 2012


Biomass and Electricity, Part 2

ClearEdge Power, based in Oregon, has announced a deal with Güssing Renewable Energy of Austria to supply 8.5 megawatts of fuel cells to run on methane made from renewable sources.

January 09 2012


On Our Radar: Arctic Oil Discovery

The discovery appears to brighten prospects for Norway's industry, which had not had much luck exploring in the Barents Sea until recently.

Biomass and Electricity, Part One

A company harnesses biofuel from landfills to generate electricity with minimal releases of methane, a long-lasting heat-trapping gas.

January 04 2012


And Now, the Oil Industry Caucus

The president of the American Petroleum Institute said the United States would achieve diesel and gasoline independence if the government stopped interfering with industry goals.

January 03 2012


The Convoluted Economics of Storing Energy

Some companies are betting that the increased use of solar panels will open the way for solar thermal, a kind of energy storage that compensates for the vagaries of photovoltaic generation.

December 20 2011


December 19 2011


December 14 2011


On Our Radar: A Serial Bird's-Egg Thief

A Briton acknowledges possessing 652 "ordinary" wild bird eggs, as well as those from birds like red kites, peregrine falcons, redwings and merlins. He also confesses to taking 12 avocet, 8 osprey and 7 golden eagle eggs.

Inevitable, or in Limbo? A Dam for the Mekong

Still absent is a clear commitment from Laos to halt all construction activity related to the proposed dam, which conservationists view as a major environmental threat.

December 12 2011


Tax Policy Blowing in the Wind

A report commissioned by the wind energy industry projects steep job losses in the sector in 2013 if a tax credit for production is not extended.

December 09 2011


Reining In the 'Soft Costs' of Solar

Estimating that 40 to 50 percent of the cost of owning and operating a rooftop solar power system is administrative expenses, the Department of Energy organized a competition to find the best ways of bringing those costs down.

December 04 2011


Carbon Emissions Jumped in 2010, Report Says

Researchers say the high growth rate reflects a bounce-back from a 1.4 percent drop in emissions in 2009, the year the recession had its biggest impact.
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