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July 20 2012


Piecing the Puzzle Together on Dolphin Deaths

Researchers suggest that several factors -- a cold winter, the gulf oil spill, and an influx of cold freshwater -- could have led to a surge in dolphin deaths in the gulf.

March 26 2012


Coral Damage Traced to Gulf Oil Spill

Scientists rely on a method that allows them to "fingerprint" the source of petroleum hydrocarbons.

March 23 2012


January 09 2012


Revisiting the Deepwater Horizon Plumes

Instead of forming undersea rivers or plumes, a study suggests, dissolved oil and gas from the Deepwater Horizon spill probably formed big, billowing clouds that drifted around the northern gulf, appearing or reappearing in different places at different times

December 14 2011


Report Seeks Far Tighter Safety System for Oil Drilling

A panel investigating the 2010 gulf oil spill says that safety had not been a focus of the oil industry or its regulators, a problem that became more grave over the years as the complexity of offshore drilling deepened.

October 26 2011


BP to Drill Again in the Gulf of Mexico

Federal regulators gave BP a permit to drill a new well in the Gulf of Mexico, the first time the oil company will be allowed to drill there since the Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010.
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October 17 2011


September 16 2011


Top Offshore Drilling Regulators Named

Two new agencies carved from one will be led by the former agency's chief, Michael R. Bromwich, and by a top deputy, Tommy P. Beaudreau.

September 14 2011


September 13 2011


Farewell to an Acronym

The Interior agency that policies offshore drilling, referred to by some critics as "bummer," will split into two parts with different names.

August 26 2011


Impact of Gulf Spill's Underwater Dispersants Is Examined

Earthjustice and Toxipedia have published a review of all scientific literature concerning the potential health impacts of the 57 chemicals used to combat the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

July 15 2011


BP to Adopt Voluntary Safety Standards in the Gulf of Mexico

A federal official welcomes BP's decision to go beyond minimum requirements but says that it will not affect the granting of drilling permits to the oil giant.

June 06 2011


Oil Drilling Off Cuba Raises Specter of What-If

The prospect of a blowout in Cuban waters may give the Obama administration an incentive to open the way for emergency assistance from the United States.

June 02 2011


House Panel Faults Administration Spill Response

A Republican committee chairman says the administration appeared more concerned about protecting its own media profile and avoiding responsibility for recovery efforts than protecting gulf jobs and livelihoods.

May 09 2011


On Our Radar: Tigers Found in Indonesian Logging Concession

Still images show six individual tigers and a mother with a cub; a video shows footage of another mother and three young cubs playfully chasing a leaf.

April 26 2011


April 20 2011


Obama Marks Anniversary of BP Disaster

The Deepwater Horizon drill rig exploded one year ago in the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting oil spill has had lingering consequences.

April 14 2011


Bill to Speed Offshore Drilling Clears House Panel

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar suggests that Republicans are suffering from "amnesia" about last year's massive oil spill in advancing drilling legislation.

March 31 2011


March 29 2011

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