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March 17 2012


March 16 2012


On Our Radar: Focus Returns to Fuel Efficiency

Buyers of hybrids and diesels are advised to make sure that they'll drive them long enough to cover the models' price premium.

March 13 2012


An Inconvenient Statement, Retracted

Steven Chu, the energy secretary, backs off from a suggestion he made as an academic that gasoline prices should be higher to discourage consumption.

Study Warns of Economic Damage in a Keystone Pipeline Spill

More than a million people work in agricultural or tourism jobs in the six states along Keystone XL's proposed route, and the economic costs could be considerable if a major spill were to occur, researchers at Cornell warn.

March 08 2012


March 07 2012


What Makes Gasoline Prices Go Up?

Cognitive dissonance persists on the presidential campaign trail and in Congress, but some energy statistics are telling.

Canadian Official Defends Oil Sands

Alberta's premier says she is confident that the United States will ultimately approve the Keystone XL pipeline because it affords mutual benefits for both countries.

March 05 2012


On Our Radar: BP Shares Climb

After reaching a $7.8 billion accord with businesses and individuals over the gulf oil spill, the company predicts that it will reach a settlement with the federal government as well.

February 17 2012


Interior Approves Shell's Arctic Oil-Spill Response Plan

The Interior Department says Shell's oil spill response plan has been approved for drilling in shallow waters of the Chukchi Sea in the Arctic.

For Mexico City, a Repurposed Landfill

Methane from a landfill will flow to a power plant, helping to keep the lights on in the city.

February 16 2012


Skywriting With an Airliner

Testing the Boeing 787, engineers draw up a flight path that spells out "787" and then the company's logo. The dimensions of the writing were such that no one on the ground could read it.

February 14 2012


February 13 2012


Can Efficiency Counter a Loss of Nuclear Power?

When Japan shut down some nuclear power plants after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, carbon dioxide emissions rose significantly, a group found.

February 10 2012


Nuclear Power vs. Natural Gas

One of the biggest risks the Southern Company faces in embarking on a big nuclear project is that natural gas will remain far more affordable.

February 07 2012


Fracking Is Not a 'Fait Accompli' for 2012, N.Y. Official Says

The state's top environmental official says his staff faces months of work on revised rules governing the controversial gas drilling process.

On Our Radar: Quake in the Philippines

At least 88 people are dead and/or missing. The country has tried to upgrade its disaster-response capability in recent years but is regularly stretched by such catastrophes.

February 01 2012


'Gasland' Filmmaker Arrested at Capitol Hearing

Republicans on a House committee did not appreciate a film crew's presence at a hearing on whether a type of natural gas drilling contaminated groundwater.

January 31 2012


January 30 2012

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