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May 01 2012


Q&A: Greening the City's Zoning Rules

New York City's sustainability director and a green developer discuss how changes in zoning rules could speed the adoption of green roofs, renewable energy and energy-efficient features.

March 09 2012


On Our Radar: A Rare-Earths Merger

Molycorp, which operates a mine that is being reopened and expanded in California, is buying Neo Material Technologies of Toronto, which makes specialty chemicals from rare earths at factories in China and Thailand.
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January 31 2012


Is Your Building Gobbling Energy?

A new map gives New Yorkers a relative idea of how much energy the buildings in their neighborhoods are consuming -- and what it's being used for.

January 25 2012


Historic Buildings May Be Greener Than You Think

"Greening" historic buildings in New York City is often more about optimizing existing elements, like ensuring that cross-ventilation isn't inadvertently blocked, than about radical retrofits

January 19 2012


December 22 2011


December 20 2011


New York Plans Greener Zoning Rules

A proposal from the Bloomberg administration and City Council would make it easier for property owners to add insulation to exterior walls, for example, and install awnings, skylights, green roofs, solar panels and greenhouses.

December 10 2011


A Different Kind of Container Store

Starbucks experiments with a portable store made of abandoned steel shipping crates.

November 02 2011


A Reward for Bird-Friendly Buildings

Builders will soon be able to earn credit toward LEED certification by embracing design elements that limit feathered fatalities.

August 15 2011


February 07 2011


Key Considerations in Radiant Barrier Technology

Radiant barrier technology seems to be the rage today and for good reason - it works.

The unconditioned space of a building can reach extreme temperatures. For example, in the United States, an unprotected attic can reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit (73.8 degrees Celsius) during the summer. This heat radiates into the home or office, causing the air conditioning to have to work harder to cool the building. Energy Is lost, reducing the level of energy efficiency.

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November 02 2010


March 29 2010


March 24 2010


Ranking Cities on Building Efficiency

Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. took the top spots in the United States Environmental Protection Agency's ranking. New York placed 10th.

March 23 2010


Smart Water Meters Take Hold in California

More than half of the state's water utilities have some smart meters in their service areas, according to a forthcoming report from the California Energy Commission.

March 19 2010


Of Chilly Offices and Space Heaters

When office workers resort to space heaters to keep warm, overall efficiency in the building is undone.

March 12 2010


Made in the U.S.A.: Efficiency Materials

A recent study by an energy efficiency nonprofit found that more than 90 percent of caulking and insulation is made in the United States.

March 11 2010


Is Green Insurance Worth the Price?

Necessity or marketing gimmick? The Bucks blog helps consumers decide whether green insurance is worth it.

March 10 2010


California Utility Regulators Not Quite Ready for Fuel Cells

While Google, Wal-Mart and other corporations have embraced fuel cells, California regulators have turned down requests from the state's two biggest utilities to install the technology.
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