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March 07 2012


March 06 2012


February 14 2012


Obama's Wish List for Energy

The proposed $27.2 billion budget request for the Department of Energy is mostly about nuclear weapons, including nonproliferation and cleanup efforts.

February 13 2012


Will Hurricanes Topple U.S. Wind Turbines?

Of the offshore sites where wind power is being considered or developed, Galveston County in Texas was the riskiest, followed by Dare County in North Carolina, researchers found.

February 09 2012


February 08 2012


Surplus Renewable Energy: An Update

From interregional sharing to the development of batteries, the energy secretary offers ideas for coping with a sudden oversupply of power to the grid.

February 01 2012


New York's Solar Balance Sheet

Although projections suggest that the costs of installing solar energy may outweigh the benefits in the near term, a report recommends that New York State embrace the technology.

January 31 2012


On Our Radar: Barrier Urged to Halt Asian Carp

Other suggestions include placing barriers in five locations near Lake Michigan and a "mid-system" option that would come close to restoring a natural divide between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi, broken more than a century ago. The Army Corps of Engineers has said that as many as 10 invasive species are poised to enter the lakes.

January 30 2012


Weighing Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

A preliminary finding by the Commerce Department suggests that if penalties are levied, they could be retroactive.

January 27 2012


January 25 2012


January 20 2012


Car Batteries Are Not Just For the Car

Coda Holdings will make minor changes to battery packs for its cars and sell them individually or grouped together. The idea is to sell them to homeowners for use when rooftop solar panels generate more than they use, and to help businesses reduce their peak loads.

January 18 2012


The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Off-the-Grid Solar

Factory-rated output is not woods-of-Maine output, the author discovers as he adds up the kilowatt hours.

Down on the Farm, a Sculpture Finds a Second Life

The Pennsylvania Farm Show's famed butter sculpture finds a new use this year, returning to a dairy farm to be processed into biogas.

Wind Turbines and Health Hazards

A study commissioned by a Massachusetts state agency finds no conclusive evidence that the sounds of wind turbines affect the human balance system or cause illnesses like diabetes.

January 17 2012


On the Horizon, Planes Powered by Plant Fuel

On Tuesday, a San Diego company plans to announce $17 million in new financing to continue its work on raising the fuel yields from jatropha, a tropical shrub that produces an oil-rich nut.

January 10 2012


Biomass and Electricity, Part 2

ClearEdge Power, based in Oregon, has announced a deal with Güssing Renewable Energy of Austria to supply 8.5 megawatts of fuel cells to run on methane made from renewable sources.

January 09 2012


On Our Radar: Arctic Oil Discovery

The discovery appears to brighten prospects for Norway's industry, which had not had much luck exploring in the Barents Sea until recently.
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