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August 17 2012


On Energy Policy, a Week of Venus and Mars

Mitt Romney talked up fossil fuels, especially coal, while President Obama emphasized the creation of wind jobs.

August 13 2012


On Our Radar: Paul Ryan's Environmental Record

Citing heavy snow in his home state of Wisconsin, Representative Paul Ryan said that climatologists distort their findings to mislead the public on global warming.
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August 07 2012


How to Parse Climate Change and Extreme Weather?

How much of the weird weather so much of the world is experiencing can be attributed to global warming, and how much to the natural variability of climate? The question has political implications as well as scientific ones.

August 03 2012


Who Are Your Sources?

People's receptivity to climate messages depends to a large degree on where they stand on a scale of belief in climate change, from dismissive to alarmed.

March 07 2012


What Makes Gasoline Prices Go Up?

Cognitive dissonance persists on the presidential campaign trail and in Congress, but some energy statistics are telling.

Canadian Official Defends Oil Sands

Alberta's premier says she is confident that the United States will ultimately approve the Keystone XL pipeline because it affords mutual benefits for both countries.

January 04 2012


And Now, the Oil Industry Caucus

The president of the American Petroleum Institute said the United States would achieve diesel and gasoline independence if the government stopped interfering with industry goals.

December 29 2011


On Our Radar: Scientists Appeal to G.O.P. Candidates

"Ignoring the issue of climate change places our health, our quality of life, our economic vitality, and our children's future at risk," scientists say in a statement.

August 21 2011


Unpacking Rick Perry's Energy Stance

If Governor Perry wins the White House, his national energy policy will focus on cutting federal regulations, especially at the E.P.A., his spokesman said.

February 14 2011


Gingrich's Energy Policies Rile Conservative Critics

Negative reviews focused on two stumbling blocks that Mr. Gingrich, who is weighing a presidential bid, faces with the activist base of the Republican Party: ethanol and climate change.
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